Sunday 2 February 2014

Summary of this and future blogs

Blog #1
This blog will cover topics such as 
- current food crises, and what we can do about it,
- comments on global agriculture and food issues that concern us now and in the future, especially  here in Atlantic Canada,
- asking questions such as , "Who will produce food?", self sufficiency (given that statistics indicate that Nova Scotia alone imports 90% of it food at this time), 
- exploring how food is grown and our health and the related social issues, 
- looking at the importance of revitalizing the countryside to create a better balanced relationship between town, village and countryside for the creation of organic communities,
- how we can save money on society's needs and create real wealth,
- exploring organic and biodynamic food systems, including alternative practices, Small Farm Policies (which will be so important for the future), and show what we are actually doing in our farm gardens at Shinimicas Rogation Centre, and
- comments regarding numerous related happenings both globally and locally and the effects they have on us here.
I find more and more people are growing concerned about the food they eat and sustainability, and are not sure what to do.  Hopefully, these blogs will help.  
We must have a shared vision for our future which is not articulated at the present.  We need conversations and ideas to obtain this share vision and how to achieve it. 
There is hope.
There is hope that we can.

Farmer Charles Hubbard
Feb 2, 2014
Next week's topic: Alternative futures for agriculture.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and I welcome your comments and sharings. 

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