Friday 14 March 2014

Blog #5 Further thoughts on genetic engineered (GE) or genetically modified organism (GMOs) – Golden Rice

Blog #5 Part 4 - March 14, 2014
Further thoughts on genetic engineered (GE) or genetically modified organism (GMOs) – Golden Rice 
Food control system specifically referring to Canadian Federal Bill C -18 as reported by National Farmers Union.  As with the last blog in this month please refer to this link and Bill C-18.  Please take the time to read this and refer back to it.

Golden Rice has the potential to boost dietary Vitamin A.  This rice is still not available because of food security and quality are the concerns.  Vitamin A deficiency causes child blindness and death.  In 1997 there was a possible solution – a rice containing a precursal Vitamin A. However, environmental groups were opposed to this rice, they said it was ‘fools gold’ because children who only eat 300 – 400 grams of food per day would need to eat several kilos of it to get their daily requirement of Vitamin A.  It worked out that the rice contained enough Vitamin A to meet a child’s needs but was not proven because the data from the trial was not available.  In 2005, a biotech firm replaced one of the original genes from the narcissus flower with one from maze that produced 20-30 times more beta carotene, a molecule that is split once inside our bodies to make Vitamin A. 

Charities under the World Health Organization have program that provide Vitamin A capsules that have been running for 15 years at a cost of millions of dollars.  The expense of a delivery infrastructure to distribute the capsules in remote areas is also an issue. This does not benefit the poor.

You can obtain Vitamin A from liver, leafy greens, and eggs, but the poor cannot afford these foods. Six thousand children die everyday from Vitamin A deficiency. 

Though the rice would be an answer with increasing the level of Vitamin A, it can only be achieved by genetic engineering, but they say No.  The group from a university in China did experiments the outcome of which was as good as it could be with every 2.3 grams of beta carotene eaten in the rice producing 1 gram of Vitamin A in the blood.

Unfortunately, the research did not fully inform the participants in the trial that their children would be eating something that had been genetically modified.  The problem is still ongoing.  It is sad that the greed of a few vested interested have created so much distress.  Perhaps there is another answer not involving millions of dollars and genetic engineering. 

An alternate solution to genetically modified food...
Here at home, we study the problem as energy deficiency in the food.  Raise the energy of the garden field and the crops will react.  This we have done here and the energy levels have increased ten times plus over ordinary non-organic food.  In part, Vitamin A energy has increased even more.  More testing is needed and I don’t have the facilities nor time for this research.  One needs to consider both the garden and global situations.  But it won’t cost much unlike conventional systems and genetic engineering.  You can energize the soil, seeds and crops and help those who are very poor to restore Vitamin A and other deficiencies. For more information visit

Why are they poor? Because of the system.  So, as we do here accessing the free cosmic and electromagnetic energies, well known naturally in the past, further experiments and research, while not making money for vested interests, it will save many, many lives.  This is an alternative, so please encourage feedback and experiments encompassing this thinking to take place in Canada and elsewhere. 

For further and current information on the Golden Rice Project (which has been recently revived), and to come to your own conclusions,  please visit the website Another interesting website to review is - you can also check the news and global approach to GM food on this site – again to come to your own conclusions.

Enough for now about GE food, next blog is about Alternative Futures for Agriculture!

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