Tuesday 22 July 2014

Blog 12 - The energies of food, spirit and prayer

Blog 12 July 8 2014 - The energies of food spirit and prayer

Should one try to grow spiritual food? Yes, of course. Mind, body and spirit all have to be fit for a person to be whole.  To feed one’s spirit with prayer meditation and reflection brings one to higher state of consciousness and peace.  What does one do to feed the physical body upon which the foundation is built to support for this life energy. Nutrients are to the body what God and prayer are to the soul. To hold space for the grace of spirit to move through and within us our tissues need to be supported with living energies by foods that we eat. 
On a continual basis the vibrations of the human and planetary elements are radically changing and it is not enough in today’s world to find the right nutritional approach or to support the body with supplements and organic foods.  One has to be aligned energetically with the foods that they are about to eat in order to receive its healing qualities. Foods carry with them vibrational energies that resonate with thoughts, emotions, physical and spiritual states of being. They can either enhance, support or be a detriment to one’s body and emotional state. 
Everything from the quality, color, texture, the way a food is prepared to the aroma all effects the way it is received by the body and the spirit.  Food can create and heal illness.  It can bring on a euphoric state or depressed one.  In many spiritual traditions food has become sanctified as holy and a prayer is said before it is eaten.  In Christianity, during the last supper, Christ said to the disciples upon breaking bread with them, “Take this. This is my body.” The blessing of the food is transformed from matter into spirit. That same gift has been given to each and everyone of us to transform our food energetically into spirit, but to do so one’s body and mind has to be in a prayerful state. 
When one finds oneself in this place, attachment to various food changes.  One may then seek true nourishment as opposed to immediate fulfillment that is desired by the physical or emotional hunger. That is not say that eating food for these reasons is wrong, on the contrary, by eating in a prayerful state the spirit gets nourished which can then support the energies needed to fulfill our basic needs and human desires.   When working with emotional sustenance using food sources the body utilizes most of the nutrients to heal itself of what has been depleted of when one is out of balance of right consciousness.  For example, during times one is under extreme duress the majority of the nutrients will be absorbed by the energies carried during the duress, leaving little to be absorbed by the blood stream.  
If one can bring awareness and contemplation to the emotional body before eating it will effect changes of receptivity before the food source is even digested.  To then make a prayer blessing for the food the person not only comes into right relationship with the food, but with himself as well, making the union holy. To nourish oneself physically each person’s body has different needs of food energies to support it on a daily basis. 
It is suggested that whole foods such as vegetables, grains, fruits and a healthy source of protein fulfill the demands for a healthy body. When one learns to listen to the needs of these tissues a single source of food ingested at one time may be enough to support the life energies moving through a person at a particular time. The way a person eats will then become different.  The amount a person eats will also change.  For example, when one sits down to eat lunch and chooses a whole grain such a quinoa the healing and nutritional properties of the grain may be enough to sustain the body until supper.  This can only happen with the relationship to food becomes prayerful. I am not suggesting for everyone go out and change their nutritional behaviors, everyone needs to nourish themselves according to their own body needs. 
Healthy food sources are the one thing that will help us to maintain our physical wellbeing during this time on earth of change and spiritual evolution.  I am only suggesting that you compassionately look at your relationship of the way you nourish yourself on a slightly different level.  When in alignment with your meal the nutrients will then support you mentally, physically emotionally and spiritually. Thus eat prayerfully and enjoy the fruits of the earth. One has to remember we import in Nova Scotia approximately 90% of our food.  Where it is grown determines the energy content. We have to be in balance with the energy for our food.  Thus, we have to eat locally to be energetically balanced. This will the future changes. This will enable your body, mind and spirit to be strong.  This is imperative for our province and nation to survive the future changes.
Thank you.
Charles Hubbard


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